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  • Hamilton's Roofing Contractors
    Offering over 30 years of experience
    Specialists in Residential and Commercial Roofing Services and Roofing Repairs
  • Residential Roofing Hamilton
    Serving Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, ...
    New Roof Installation - Roof Replacement - Fascia - Roofing Repairs - Soffit - Eavestrough - Siding
  • Commercial Roofing Hamilton
    Friendly customer service and high quality products

Roofing Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas

With over 30 years of reliable, professional roofing service, we have built a reputation for exceptional quality and stellar customer service amoung our Hamilton area clients. Sheppard Roofing maintains the highest standards on every project we undertake. Check out what our customers had to say

Residential Roofing Hamilton

Your roof is the only thing protecting your home and family from the elements, make sure it is properly maintained by calling Sheppard Roofing. We take the well-being and safety...More...

New Roof Installation Hamilton

Trust the professionals at Sheppard Roofing for expert and long-lasting solutions for all your home roofing needs! We provide high quality materials, expert contractors...More...

Commercial Roofing Hamilton

Sheppard Roofing provides quality commercial roofing, industrial roofing and asphalt roofing services to the Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, and neighbouring cities.More...

Roofing Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas

Welcome to Roofing Hamilton, a branch of the Sheppard Roofing company! Our professional contractors are ready to find your perfect roofing solution. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have the experience and qualification to perfectly install, repair or replace your property’s roof. We bring satisfaction to every client and strive to supply your property with a roof that will last for years to come. No project is too big or too small, Sheppard Roofing will always put YOUR roof ABOVE all else!

Trust the experts at Sheppard Roofing to get the job done right! We service Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, and the surrounding areas with premium roofing services, products and solutions. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing services and offer a variety of colours, styles and textures to give your property an elegant look. Contact us today to find your perfect roofing solution!

Roofing Projects

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